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At WERIT, we offer our apprentices the best chances to enjoy a fantastic apprenticeship. In addition to practical and theoretic topics, our apprentices have the option to get to know our locations throughout Europe or to obtain the additional qualification "International" through the various European programmes. If you want, you can also participate on regional topics such as the "ZeiLe" project of the Rhein-Zeitung newspaper. Show initiative and we will offer to take you on after the apprenticeship. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

During the apprenticeship in the technical sector, you have the possibility to occupy diverse courses (e.g. hydraulic / pneumatic fundamentals, electrical engineering, electropneumatics, CNC technology and PLC controller Simatic S7). You can also occupy exam preparation courses.

After the apprenticeship, there are many options for extra-occupational further training, e.g. industrial business administrator, technician, and many others. Simply make an appointment with the human resources department and discus your opportunities. If you already know exactly what you want to do, simply submit your application directly to the human resources department at

It depends on your school education. With a German Hauptschulabschluss (general school certificate) class 10, grade B, a successful Realschule (secondary school) or business school certificate you can, e.g. shorten the apprenticeship by up to 6 months. With the Fachhochschulreife (upper secondary school level) class 12, Abitur (A-levels) or college, up to 12 months (maximum 18 months with three year college). 

With exceptionally good performance of the scholars, premature registration for the final exam is also possible. 

Reductions must be applied for at the German IHK (Chamber of industry and Commerce) by the trainee and trainer when considering the minimum training time. The reduction of the training time changes the content of the vocational training. Examination dates are delayed significantly in some cases.

During the training, it is possible for the administrative apprentices to gather experience abroad via the Erasmus programme, a funding programme of the European Union. Moreover, in conjunction with project work, you may also agree lengths of stay at locations such as Manchester (UK) or Wissembourg (FR). You see, anything is possible.

We recommend sending your application documents with cover letter including photo, curriculum vitae and certificates per e-mail to

Have you completed an internship, taken part on any further education courses or training courses and even been awarded with a certificate? Then you should also enclose such certificates with your application. 

Have you attended any seminars for a computer programme or taken any language courses? Perfect. Then enclose the respective certificate with the school and employers references. 

Most professional or dual training begin in August or September. You either begin your apprenticeship on the 1st August or 1st September. Generally however, we look for our apprentices one year in advance.

Apprentices generally do not work on weekends or in shifts. 

They do not work more than eight hours a day. This does not include breaks. There will be enough of those. Including breaks, the apprentices remain in the company a little longer than 8 hours a day. 

Basically, shift work is allowed, but is however limited in time by the legislator. At WERIT however, apprentices are not assigned for shift work.

At WERIT, we do not have any age restrictions for an apprenticeship. Your personality and commitment are important for us. Maybe you can reduce your training time as well. Find more under item two of the FAQ.