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Reconditioning of IBC cage detail with PACKONE ticket by WERIT

Making IBC reconditioning easy

The demands on industrial transport packaging are constantly increasing. At the same time, they must also be adaptable to the individual needs of customers. The key here therefore is that the packaging in its individual modules must remain fully compatible. 

The global market also demands that raw materials and resources are used responsibly. As a result, WERIT is constantly working on innovations and intelligent solutions for packaging systems, including recovery and recycling activities. The IBC module system allows for both easy cleaning as well as cost-effective reconditioning by replacing the plastic, metal and wood components along with the various connections and fittings. This helps to ensure that products can be used several times, which is cost-effective and conserves resources.


All empty WERIT IBCs are taken back and fed back into the resource cycle via WERIT RECOLine.


The PACKONE® concept is our guarantee that we will accept returns of all empty IBCs, including those made by other manufacturers. The WERIT Universal Bottle - a specially-designed inner container – enables IBC modules to be recycled irrespective of the brand in question. The result is the creation of an as-new UN approved PACKONE-IBC.

2 Systems – 1 Ticket

The PACKONE Ticket is all you need to return your used and empty IBCs to us at no cost to you. Please comply with the Terms and Conditions of Return.

Ticket Service

All in One: PackOne – WERIT Ticket Service
Ensuring sustainability and efficiency for your supply chain; the WERIT Ticket System provides fingertip access to the free return of containers or pick-up of your used and empty IBCs. It doesn't matter what model or brand your container is – we are more than happy to take back anything that you no longer require (please comply with the Terms and Conditions of Return). Click here and fill out the following form. We'll take care of the rest of it.

Ticket Service
Reconditioning IBC Intermediate Bulk Container with PACKONE Ticket Return System and Reconditioning of IBC by WERIT

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