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reco-day 2020

Packaging solutions in a sustainable cycle

Last week we met at our REKO day at the Interpack, had good conversations, exchanged experiences and ideas. The REKO Day at the last interpack was a complete success. We were able to deepen technical discussions, discuss the requirements of the industry and possible solutions.

Let's use our virtual platform to first inform about some novelties and topics. We will gladly be available for further discussions by phone.

Optimizing a proven system

The PACKONE system from WERIT enables used Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to be taken back free of charge, regardless of manufacturer and type.

The universal inner container, in short "Unibottle", can be used for all types of construction. By recycling the returned packaging materials, the IBCs of the RECOline series are exemplary for environmentally friendly packaging.

We are going to reprocess our online ticket system. The new design with the clear structure will make the application especially mobile extremely easy.

PACKONE – WERIT ticket service

Sustainability and efficiency for the supply chain: free take-back
of containers or collection of used and emptied IBCs
the WERIT ticket system at the push of a button.

Irrespective of the type or brand, we accept used and completely emptied IBCs
via the PackOne take-back service.

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Open and Closed Loop

With the different closed loop or open loop circulation systems, customer-specific requirements can be optimally met to achieve the best possible economic and ecological efficiency.  

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New products planned

We have written a lot on the agenda, for example the Unibottle with UN approval will be available in the future with both an NW 150 and NW 225 filler opening. We will keep you up to date, also by phone.

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NUTRiline Food Family

NUTRiline packaging is specifically designed to meet the needs of the food industry. Would you like to learn more about this and are you interested in the new NUTRiline aseptic? We will be happy to inform you!

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