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Create attractive accents

We dispose of a wide selection of pots for house and garden. Profit from the different sizes, shapes and colours that allow the pots to be integrated optimally into every house and garden landscape. Also with regards to material and quality, the flower pots, plant tubs and co. leave nothing to desire. In this way, different products are equipped a drainage grid system which are easy to move using rollers, and in case of being put outdoors, can be supplemented with drainage holes (boreholes).

The highly molecular HD-PE plastic is very easy-care, UV resistant, shock and break-resistant and easily withstands temperatures between -30 and 60 degrees Celsius.

You can find more information as well as a wide range of products in the area of plant pots in our home and garden items catalogue

Linea Groove
  • Ring series
  • Arena series
  • Decorative stones
  • Indy series
  • Pixel series
  • Urban series

Linea Essential
  • Schio Cassa
  • Schio Cubo
  • Schio Cubo Alto
  • Schio Cubo Basso
  • Schio Ciotola
  • Schio Cono
  • Tondo Veneto
  • Standard One
  • Saucer Tondo

Linea Classic
  • Cassetta Liscia
  • Quadro Liscio
  • Cassetta Cortina
  • Cassetta Portofino
  • Saucer Cassetta

Linea Basic
  • Quadro
  • Cassettone
  • Saucer Cassettone
  • Untersetzer Quadro
  • Display Cilindro
  • Classic Cilindro
  • Saucer Cilindro

Promotion pots
  • Shabby
  • Gaudi
  • Low container
  • T-Basket
  • Rainwater barrel
  • COMPACTline

Clear up for the winter

Make clearing snow away easier using a WERIT snow clearer! Our quality snow clearers are abrasion-resistant, snow repellent and thus always stay clean. The profile edge made of hard aluminium also remains rust-free. Snow shovel and handle are resistant against de-icing salt as well as cold-resistant and break safe to minus 40 degrees Celsius.


PU (pallet)

Snow shovel


Snow sweeper, small


Snow sweeper, size 0


Wooden handle*


The Phillips screws are pre-assembled for assembly later on, the D-handle can also be supplied separately as spare part. Snow sweeper and shovel are available in the colour blue. Other colours available on request.

* Also suitable for children. Simply shorten the handle to the matching size.


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