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Hygienically flawless feed for two and four-legged animals

The WERIT products are top performers for industry and retail - irrelevant if these are reusable transport packagings, plastic pallets or industrial tanks. A diverse range of containers with accessories is particularly suitable for the transportation of any types of goods. The product ranges from Euronorm stacking boxes to stack and nest containers up to large containers. The plastic pallets as half, Euro or industrial pallets are compatible with the standardised container systems and supplement the range of products. The industrial tanks are used in agriculture as container for system controlled liquid feeding.

Plant engineering for agriculture - a neat solution

Over the past years, system controlled liquid feeding has been proven and has been accepted in livestock farming, in particular for pig farming. In particular feeding systems with the integrated WERIT industrial tanks of 1,000 - 5,000 litre capacity, installed as individual tanks or in a system of several tanks guarantee the supply of larger livestock with many different recipes. Custom solutions are our daily business Depending on the customer requirements, the tank systems are manufactured and customised for specific tasks and application areas. Thanks to their smooth inner walls, WERIT tanks are easy to clean and due to their light transparency, allow a continuous fill level control.

Plastic pallets - for an optimum flow of goods

The WERIT plastic pallets made of single-origin HDPE fulfil the requirements on loading capacity and stability of a closed goods cycle within the retail logistics. They convince in their high quality and long service life. They are dimensionally stable and safe when used in automated warehouses. The diverse range of products offers many different solutions for retail. Customisation such as steel profiles for a higher load capacity, anti-slip plugs as well as outer edges and centre locking up to load securing can be integrated depending on the product family. The GS1 certified EURO H1 hygiene pallet is a recognised load carrier. It convinces in its high rigidity and stability, has a huge dimensionally stability and is optimum when used on roller and chain conveyors. The welded skids guarantee a high hygiene standard and smooth running on roller tracks. Tapered edges,centre locking and anti-slip edges ensure for a perfect work flow.

Reusable transport packagings

For the optimum logistics within the foodstuff industry and pet food, space and time are decisive key figures. Transport containers that can be stacked without any problems and can also be loaded and unloaded easily and quickly, are as valuable as real money. The reusable transport packaging from WERIT are characterised by a high stability and low deforming properties. After many years of use, the containers can even be stacked like the first day without problems. Many companies fall back to our stacking boxes such as the Euro standard stacking boxes and E1-E3 meat crates as well as stack and nest containers, large and round containers. Not only because they are extremely diverse, flexible and economical, but also because they can be used to a greatest extent in conveyor systems and production lines.