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Safe transportation using packagings made of plastic

Quality well packaged - WERIT follows this guiding principal with their solutions for high-quality industrial packagings. The plastic pallets and containers from WERIT contribute to seamless logistical processes within the different industries. In this way, amongst others, small packagings made of cardboard, corrugated cardboard or film are transported to their destination quickly, simply and without damage using the practical helpers. And heavy loads become light due to the strong plastic pallets. Even with intensive use and high loads, the load carriers made of HDPE stay dimensionally stable and splitter-free, and offer a high level of safety for these logistical processes.

Plastic pallets for the highest demands

For more than 20 years we have been using our know-how and experience in the development of plastic pallets in order to manufacture high-quality load carriers. They convince in particular with their universal usage and efficiency. The diverse range of products of half, Euro and industrial pallets offer solutions for many specific areas of application within the industry and retail.

For example, the H1 hygiene pallets, the version of the EURO H1 hygiene pallet without centre lock. Due to its properties, it is optimum for the transport and storage of sack goods or cardboard boxes. The welded skids guarantee a high hygiene standard and smooth running on the conveyor technology. Tapered runner edges on both sides on the skids also permit excellent handling using an industrial truck. With the IKP pallets in Euro or industry dimension, depending on the requirement, customised solutions such as steel profiles for higher carrying capacities, anti-slip plugs as well as outer edges with centre locking mechanism for load securing can be integrated.

Reusable transport packaging - Versatile universal container

To satisfy the requirements of the market, WERIT has an entire series of plastic containers in many versions. You will find Euronorm stacking boxes, E1-E3 meat crates for meat and sausage products, diverse stack and nest containers large containers in our range of products. Manufactured from HDPE plastic, our plastic containers can be optimised with many additives for your respective area of application. Try us out. We have the matching prompt for every requirement.

Euronorm stacking boxes
Meat crates
Stack and nest containers
Stacking boxes with curved lips

Needs-based concept for producers and system suppliers

Sensoplast Packmitteltechnik is a producer and system supplier for closures and dosing systems made from plastic, elastomers and pharmaceutical glass. In the course of ISO certification of the company, Sensoplast made a decision to redesign the production, logistics and warehouse processes at the location Oberhonnefeld. 

The needs-based concept supplied by WERIT Altenkirchen includes the stack and nest container „Twistbox“, the hygiene pallet EURO H1 as well as large containers. Together, this concept ensures for optimised and flexible processes in the in-house logistics of Sensoplast.

IBC – Liquids packaged safely

With many production lines and four different sizes of the Intermediate Bulk Container, the company covers the needs in the area liquid storage and transport. The WERIT IBCs are available with 300, 600, 800 and 1000 litre capacities. The range of products also offers various equipment versions for diverse areas of application and filling materials. Special IBCs with UN approval are suitable for hazardous goods and flammable substances such as petroleum. 
For small amounts of liquids or such with a short shelf life, COMPACTline with a capacity of 300 litres is the optimum alternative to a drum. In proven WERIT quality, this practical container is suitable for small storage areas and working environments. Using the integrated pallet, the small IBC can be moved and stacked easily and safely. Using the lid typical for the IBC, filling is easy and draining is simple through an integrated valve or CDS system, and thanks to our PACKONE system, the COMPACTline can be reconditioned and reused without any problems.  


Canister - The handy solution 

Canisters from WERIT are perfectly suited for the ecological storage and safe transport of many liquids. They are manufactured with a capacity of 20 or 25 litres. Our standard canisters are characterised by optimum stacking properties, precise dosing, and thanks to their UN approval, by a universal application.
In addition to the features of our standard canisters, our special canisters of the Ecovent line are also equipped a patented outflow system which ensures a consistent air flow during emptying. This ensures that no fluid remains in the canister. Moreover, this procedure avoids splashing that could quickly have dangerous impacts with acids and chemicals.