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The returnable system free of charge
via the PACKONE Ticket Service

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The requirements for industrial transport packaging are constantly increasing. At the same time, they must also be adaptable to the individual needs of customers. The central requirement for this is that the packaging in its individual modules remains fully compatible. The global market demands the responsible use of raw materials and resources.  As a result, WERIT is constantly working on innovations and intelligent solutions for packaging systems, including retrieval and recycling activities. The IBC module system allows for both easy cleaning as well as cost-effective reconditioning through replacing individual components. Thus an optimum requirement for a cost-effective and resource-conserving multi-way usage.

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All emptied WERIT IBCs are taken back and fed back into the resource cycle via WERIT RECOline.


The PACKONE® concept is our guarantee that we will accept returns of all empty IBCs, including those made by other manufacturers. The WERIT Universal Bottle – a specially designed inner container – makes it possible to reuse IBC modules, irrespective of the brand in question. As a result, an as-new UN approved PACKONE-IBC has been created. 

All in One: PACKONE – WERIT Ticket Service

Ensuring sustainability and efficiency for your supply chain. The WERIT Ticket System provides access at your fingertips to the free return of containers or pick-up of your used and empty IBCs.

It doesn't matter what model or brand your container is – we are more than happy to take back your used and residually emptied IBC.

To the Ticket

Closed and open loop

Save costs with the WERIT Loop System

After cleaning or replacement of the inner container, the WERIT IBCs as well as IBCs of other designs are returned to the economic cycle. When rebottling, the WERIT inner container or the universal bottle - an especially designed inner container for different IBC.
The supply of the rebottled IBC is possible as non-EU or UN version.


  • Return of your IBC free of charge via the PACKONE Ticket independent of manufacturer and design.
  • You exclusively receive and use new WERIT IBCs and receive a credit for the reusable WERIT IBCs returned.


  • Return of your IBC free of charge via the PACKONE Ticket independent of manufacturer and design.
  • Cleaning or rebottling of this IBC for re-use (RECOline). 


  • You exclusively receive new IBCs at a reduced price and profit from the reconditioning of the IBC without having to use it.
  • The emptied IBCs are registered for a timely collection by a competent network partner by your customers via the PACKONE Ticket.
  • Your carbon footprint is reduced. 


  • You reduce your purchasing price for the packaging by reusing the IBC in the loop after cleaning or rebottling.
  • Simple handling with the return of the used IBCs. Either take back the emptied IBC from the customer with the new delivery of the filled IBC or your customer registers the collection via the PACKONE Ticket. With these selection options, you offer your customers a high level of service.
  • Your carbon footprint reduces by the renewed and resource-conserving by reusing your cleaned or rebottled IBC. 


Frequently Asked Questions

You only need to send us the filled in PACKONE ticket ( and we will arrange the collection with a local network partner.
The collection of the completely emptied IBC (max. 1 kg with low viscosity Sto.en or max. 5 kg with high viscosity Sto.en) takes place free-of-charge within 30 days according to the terms of return
Moreover, the national and international laws and regulations must be adhered to and observed. 

We accepted all standard IBC brands. The IBC returned must not be damaged and not have any extensive oxidation. If an IBC should still be returned that does not comply with the return conditions, the collector is entitled to invoice the consignor any costs. 

For the return of the IBC registered, the consignor must create a delivery note and on request, send the MSDS (safety data sheet).

This field must only be filled in if it is a hazardous goods. Please enter the UN no., the product names or the CAS no..

In this field, it must be specified if this is a wooden, plastic, steel or combined pallet. 

This field should only be filled in if the manufacturer of the IBC is known. Otherwise it stays empty.