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JOMOTech Series
Optimized in every detail

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The solution for all bathroom situations

Completely pre-assembled with quick installation

The JOMOTech series with an overall height of 1120 mm is optimally adapted to most modern bathroom situations. All elements are pre-assembled and self-supporting. Sanitary elements such as WCs, washstands, urinals or modern hygienic WCs can be easily installed and held reliably.
In addition to the proven standard elements, the large product range includes a large number of new elements. These include elements for children's WCs, urinal elements with concealed sensor or sinks for hospitals. The series is suitable for new buildings, extensions, refurbishment and renovation.

JOMOTech product description


  • Self-supporting mounting frame with powder-coated surface
  • Front wall installation in front of solid or lightweight walls
  • Inwall installation for installation in lightweight construction or wooden stud walls
  • Corner mounting using wall bracket
  • Quick assembly in UW profiles
  • With floor fixings, 200 mm height adjustable for floor mounting RFB-FFB
  • Incl. complete assembly and fixing material
  • TÜV tested

The right solution for every situation

From the standard to the creative luxury solution. Everything is possible!

The JOMOTech individual elements are suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the variably applicable system, all ideas for the design of your bathroom can be realized. With the completely pre-assembled and self-supporting JOMOTech elements, sanitary bodies such as WC and bidet are held reliably and fittings and the associated drain connections are optimally fitted.

WC element SLKplus

The standard version with 2-quantity flushing technology and operation from the front

construction height: 1120 mm
construction width: 500 mm
construction depth: 135 mm

Other versions

WC element


for odour extraction

  • Incl. DN 50 connection pipe at the flush pipe bend

construction height: 1120 mm
construction width: 500 mm 
construction depth: 135 mm

WC element


with construction width 450 mm

  • Ideal for corner mounting in conjunction with wall bracket
  • Deeper wall mounting of the cistern suitable for MDF boards

construction height: 1120 mm
construction width: 450 mm 
construction depth: 165 mm

WC element


for children's or stand-alone WC

  • For children's pools or kindergartens
  • Commercially available stand-alone WCs

construction height: 1120 mm
construction width: 500 mm 
construction depth: 135 mm

Single element


for washbasins

construction height: 1120 mm
construction width: 500 mm 
construction depth: 90 mm

Optional accessories

  • JOMOTech multi wall bracket for hanging in C-rails
  • JOMOTech sound insulation set for wall and floor mounting
  • JOMOTech special footrests for use on floors with underfloor heating

Further information on accessories can be found in the idea finder on pages 60-61.