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JOMOTech Hygiene WC element
for wall-hung WCs with bidet function

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Technology meets design

The JOMOTech hygienic WC element

The modern hygienic WC is a combination of a toilet and bidet, which enables intimate hygiene with water.
This WC/bidet combination is increasingly becoming part of the upmarket basic equipment of every household and meets the increasing sense of cleanliness. The well-known ceramics manufacturer VitrA and WERIT are using their many years of experience in this area and as a synergy are launching four hygiene WC packages on the market. These packages are made up of the new JOMOTech hygienic WC element from WERIT and four VitrA ceramics already established on the market.

The JOMOTech hygienic WC element from WERIT is a self-supporting pre-wall element for installation in front of a solid or lightweight construction wall. As a wall installation the element can be used for installation in both lightweight construction and timber stud walls.

The SLK plus wall-mounted cistern contained in the element is equipped with the proven JOMO 2-quantity flushing technology and offers a 25-year spare parts availability guarantee on the cistern. The integrated safety device according to DIN EN 1717 type AD (free outlet with injector) prevents the risk of backflow into the drinking water system. The connections for direct installation of cold and hot water fittings are pre-mounted in the frame. Installation of the JOMOTech hygienic WC element is possible without a power connection. The mounting plate for the fitting can be mounted either on the right or left and can be individually adjusted for each user.

Hygiene with style

JOMO complete packages with VitrA shower WCs

VitrA offers a large variety of shower-toilet ceramics. The high-quality flush rimless series S20, S50 and D-Light with VitrAflush 2.0 technology and each equipped with a matching WC seat with soft-closing mechanism are available as a complete package in conjunction with our JOMOTech hygienic WC element. The fourth package offered by WERIT is the Pera ceramic with closed flush rim, a technically slimmed-down and therefore more economic alternative. These four complete packages can only be obtained from WERIT. Further shower-toilet ceramics of the manufacturer VitrA can be installed with our hygienic WC element.

Following the trend towards flush rimless WCs, VitrA is responding with continuous development of the VitrAflush technology. VitrA relies on elements which on the one hand are extraordinarily durable, easy to clean and intuitive to use and on the other hand meet the highest hygienic and functional standards.

VitrAflush 2.0 - 

innovative technology and modern design

With VitrAflush 2.0, flushless technology has been significantly optimised once again.
Adapted function and design ensure even better wash results, optimum hygiene and even more favourable wash distribution. VitrAflush 2.0 enables surface flushing that washes the bowl all around.
If the flush flow is too weak or too strong, it can be quickly adjusted manually using the flush distributor. The flush distributor can be easily removed for uncomplicated cleaning of the nozzle.