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Rainwater barrels
made of plastic

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Rainwater barrels made of high molecular plastic – HDPE

Conserve the natural resources of our environment and use collected rainwater. Our rain barrels made of high-quality plastic are particularly suitable for this purpose. The structures of these barrels correspond to the look and feel of the surface of a clay pot. They are also weatherproof and available in many designs. 

By storing rainwater, you always have soft and lime-free water for watering, save water costs and conserve wastewater resources.

The classic rainwater barrels are still the simplest way to use rainwater.

The WERIT rainwater barrels:

  • have a volume of 1,000 litres
  • are dimensionally stable as well as UV and weather resistant
  • can be connected with RG 70 and/or RG 100 downpipes or via a 1" hose
  • can be closed with a 400 millimetre lid
  • can be connected together to form a battery

Rainwater is good for plants and the environment

Watering the garden with WERIT rainwater barrels

Apart from the financial advantages, gardeners prefer rainwater for watering their plants because it has a much lower water hardness. Some plants react very sensitively to the calcareous tap water, such as the rhododendron. In addition, tap water contains other additives such as chlorine or fluorine, which causes problems for many plants. Rainwater, on the other hand, is free of additives. No lime or acids are added to the soil and collecting and using it protects and preserves our environment.

WERIT rainwater barrels made of high-quality HDPE have a particularly large volume of 1,000 litres, are dimensionally stable and UV and weather resistant. The barrels can be connected with RG 70 and/or RG 100 downpipes or via a 1" hose and closed with a 400 millimetre lid. Naturally, several barrels can be combined to a battery.


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