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Industrial solutions by WERIT

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Clever ideas for the transportation of tomorrow

The storage and transport equipment of WERIT are dimensioned for the optimised and efficient processes in the in-house logistics of businesses. A well thought-out product and logistics concept supports market participants of these industrial segments to control goods and products safely to their destination. For pool applications, quality and durability of the load carrier are particularly in focus.

IBC from WERIT – safely to the destination

For the smooth transport of liquid and paste-like substances, Intermediate Bulk Containers , in short IBCs, have established in the entire industry. Being a technically matured, lighter and hygienic solution compared to fibres, they are the first choice today, even in the logistics sector. The WERIT IBCs are available with 300, 600, 800 and 1000 litre capacities. The range of products also offers various models for diverse areas of application and filling materials.

The global market demands the responsible use of raw materials and resources. As a result, WERIT is constantly working on innovations and intelligent solutions for packaging systems, including retrieval and recycling activities. The IBC module system allows for both easy cleaning as well as cost-effective reconditioning through replacing individual components. Thus an optimum requirement for a cost-effective and resource-conserving multi-way usage.

Plastic pallets - the highest loading capacity

Plastic pallets have a series of benefits compared to the competition made of wood. They can be adapted and customised individually to the requirements of a certain industry, a production line or a logistics company. They are more hygienic, robust and also have an extremely long service life. Through its pooling use, for example, the GS1 certified EURO H1 hygiene pallet also ensures for a positive ecological balance. The integrable RFID transponder renders the plastic pallets from load carriers into information carriers for the entire supply chain and thus permits a maximum transparency about processes and costs. The same applies with the plastic pallets of the IKP family 1,200 x 800 mm and in industry dimensions 1,200 x 1,000 mm . These load carriers are equipped with a low own weight and thus the perfect partner for demanding logistics processes. Reinforcement profiles, outer edges or anti-slip plugs are available as an option.

IKP 1208 – 1200 x 800 mm
IKP 1213 – 1200 x 1000 mm
IKP 1215 – 1200 x 1000 mm

WERIT stack and nest container DSN-B being used in the intralogistic.

Conveyor systems and container take over an important task in an intralogistic system. With the freely moving intelligent Open Shuttles from KNAPP, new dimensions are opened for the flexible design of storage processes.
Open Shuttles are driverless transport systems (AGV) and move completely freely and without guide lines over the available area.
In the following video , you can see the combination of WERIT stack and nest containers DSB-N with the Open Shuttles from KNAPP at a user in Denmark.