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Plastic pallets

Hygienic multi-talent

Euro H1 Hygiene pallets
from WERIT

Hygienic multi-talent

Euro H1 Hygiene pallets
from WERIT

Hygienic multi-talent

Euro H1 Hygiene pallets
from WERIT

Hygienic multi-talent

Euro H1 Hygiene pallets
from WERIT


The plastic pallet of the European foodstuff industry

Since 20 years, we have been applying our know-how and experience in the development of hygiene pallets in order to manufacture high-quality carrying products made of robust plastic, which are characterised by a high carrying capacity and a long service life. Moreover, the load carrier from WERIT convince by first class hygiene standards, high dimensional stability, a universal operational capacity and through efficiency, thanks to the effective multiway system. The EURO H1 hygiene pallet stands out particularly with its new GS1 marking (former EHI marking), which has been distinguished as comprehensively exchangeable.


Unlimited suitability for use

  • Surfaces free from foreign objects, cavities, cracks, burs as well as other faulty points
  • Wash and disinfection agent-resistant, temporary washing temperature 90 °C 

Static check

  • Rack stacking 850 kg – max. deflection 12 mm
  • Pressure test 

Dynamic tests

  • Drop test +40°C/-25°C from 2 m
  • Corner edge test +40°C/-28°C from 4 m
  • Impact test
  • Roller conveyor test
  • Inner pressure test
  • Wetting agent bath test


GS1 certified – Solution Partner

Safe - Quality assurance

The strict approval and monitoring procedures secure the consistently high quality of the EURO H1 hygiene pallet in the open pool. EURO H1 hygiene pallets fulfil the highest quality requirements and can therefore be exchanged everywhere.

Unmistakeable - Simple allocation

By means of the logo GS1 Germany, the EURO H1 hygiene pallets can already be identified by incoming goods at a first glance. Every pallet can be tracked back to the manufacturer and the corresponding pallet mould via the GS1 approval number - an effective protection against counterfeits.

Economical – Supply Chain

All participants of the delivery chain profit from the quality assurance system, from the sub-suppliers through the producers up to the retail.

Outstanding for tested safety

Data and facts

  • Basis for standardised container systems, compatible for H2 half pallets and the E-box (E1-E3).
  • Welded skids guarantee a high hygiene standard and smooth running on roller tracks.
  • Tapered edges on both sides on all skids for the optimum use with industrial truck.
  • The H1 hygiene pallet without centre locking and anti-slip edge (7 mm) is produced under the same parameters and quality standards.

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