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For the distribution and storage of medium-weight goods, with the IKP 1213 and IKP 1215 WERIT offers an economical alternative as both plastic pallets are manufactured from single-origin HDPE reclaim. They are robust, dimensionally stable and durable plastic pallets in industrial dimensions of 1,200 x 1,000 mm, with 3 alternative 5 skids, and are particularly characterised by their diverse variation options and areas of application in the non-food sector, chemical or automotive industry. 


  • IKP1213 available as 3 skid or IKP1215 as 2 skid
  • low own weight of only 14 kg or 15 kg
  • robust and economical for a high loading
  • diverse and flexible for current and future logistics requirements
  • tapered edges on both sides on all skids permit optimum use with industrial trucks


  • up to 6 steel profiles for a load bearing capacity of up to 1,250 kg in a high racking
  • options for anti-slip edges:
    without anti-slip edge
    7 mm anti-slip edge  
    22 mm anti-slip edge
  • up to 12 anti-slip plugs from the upper to the lower side

In addition to the economical motivations for the use of plastic pallets, it is also worth taking a look at the occupational safety of the employees who work with the load carriers each day. Here, the safe, light and practical plastic pallets of the IKP series offer significant benefits compared to wooden pallets. Compared with a wooden pallet weighing more than 20 kg, with 14 or 15 kg, the IKP1213 or IKP1215 are much lighter.  
Due to the material used, injury by splinters or nails is excluded.
In contrast to wood, plastic does not attract moisture. The resulting consistent tare weight and the low deflection values of the pallet make it to a perfect companion in all areas of logistics.

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