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Plastic pallets

Half pallets
800 x 600 mm

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The plastic half pallets have a size of 800 x 600 mm. The name half pallet relates to the size ratio of a Euro pallet. It is the ideal supplement to the EURO H1 hygiene pallet as well as the E-container system.

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Art. no. 272-34623003
Type H2
Dimensions 800 x 600 x 160 mm
Weight 9 kg
Load capacity (static) 2000
Load capacity (dynamic) 500
Skids 2 not welded
Anti-slip edge 7 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

HDPE is a robust and durable plastic which, in case of our IBC containers, is translucent and protects the content against UV radiation. Our IBC accessories also comprise this special material. HDPE is generated by the industrial polymerisation of ethane. At the beginning, this raw material was milky and waxy. However, today it has developed to an innovative thermoplastic plastic with ideal deformation properties and can be adjusted optimally to all specific requirements by the addition of additives. The HDPE that we use is dimensionally stable at temperatures from -40 to +70 °C and resistant against most alkalis, acids and chemicals. 

An interesting fact at the end: HDPE has already been used commercially since 1957 for cable insulation, piping systems and packaging material. 

The dimension for the filling opening is the same for all three product lines. The ECOline IBC (non UN), TOPline IBC (UN) as well as the POLYex IBC containers are equipped either with an NW 150 or NW 225 filling opening with screw lid and an optional venting. The ECOline IBC (non UN) is additionally available with an NW 400 filling opening with clamping ring lid. 

All of our IBC containers are equipped with a NW 50 or NW 80 discharge valve which is integrated or replaceable.

Naturally. Our containers are suitable for almost all liquids - why shouldn't it also be used as a rain tank? The (food product) industry is already also using water tanks today.