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Is there a specific ban on oil heaters? Are you going to be penalised if you keep your oil heater in operation? Or will you have to remove your oil boiler from the cellar until the end of the year?

In combination with renewable energies, oil heating systems in Germany are  state-of-the-art technology, even after 2026

Würzburg/Berlin, 23rd October 2019. Is there a specific ban on oil heaters? Are you going to be penalised if you keep your oil heater in operation? Or will you have to remove your oil boiler from the cellar until the end of the year? Such and other horror scenarios has been going through the minds of many oil heater owners in Germany over the past week. And there are almost five million of them in Germany. The reason for this was an incorrect report in many places concerning the climate protection programme of the German federal government which was passed at the beginning of October 2019. Such a planned "Ban on oil heating systems" is however, completely false. Fact is: oil heaters will still be able to be installed in Germany even beyond 2026 if they are coupled with renewable energy. These modern hybrid heaters are already standard with every second renovated oil heater today. Moreover, existing oil heating systems are secured via the inventory protection. Owners therefore do not have any cause for concern. On the contrary: thanks to innovative solutions such as the visionary E-fuel, the oil heater will remain a sustainable form of heat supply, even over the long-term.

Those who have an oil heater in the cellar still don't have to have any concerns about their heat supply. If you take a close look at the climate protection programme 2030 currently passed, it becomes quickly clear that Berlin has also recognised the sustainability of oil as fuel. The broad media had incorrectly interpreted the decisions of the federal government in conjunction with the climate protection programme 2030 and ensured for confusion with millions of German oil heater owners through their incorrect reporting.

Inventory protection applies for existing oil heaters: consumers can still continue operating these where, naturally, an ecological exchange of old oil heaters by a new modern condensing heating system is recommended. Important: the installation of a oil heaters is not generally prohibited from 2026, according to the current plans of the federal government, this is only possible in conjunction with renewable energies. These so-called hybrid heaters, a combined use of fossil fuels such as oil and renewable energies like, for example, solar heat are particularly sustainable. With a modern oil condensing heater and a solar thermal system, according to calculations of the German IWO (Institut für Wärme und Öltechnik e.V. - Institute for thermal and oil technology), one third of heating oil and thus also CO2 can be saved compare with a conventional oil heater, for example.  For consumers that are thinking about the modernisation of their old oil heater, the optimum solution is definitely the common exchange of oil heater and tank system. In this ways effort and costs are saved and with a new complete system, are securely positioned for the future at the same time.

Oil heaters are and remain a sustainable technology. Firstly, there has never been as much oil available as today: thanks to new techniques for extraction, according to the Energy Study 2017 by order of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), in the past twelve years, the global oil reserves have increased by 50 percent. Secondly, being part of a modern ecological hybrid solution, the oil heater is an important pillar of the future sustainable and efficient heat supply. And thirdly, the current infrastructure of the oil heater plays an important role in the visions topic "Liquid fuels", also called E-fuels. This synthetic fuel generated completely climate-neutral are considered as the most important energy supplier of the future by experts and in doing so, can be used in all systems that already exist, from the tanker to the oil tank system up to oil heaters.

The investment in an oil heater is also a recommended, sustainable, energy efficient and technically intelligent solution for the heating of the four walls of one's own home today. You can find more information at the consumer initiative "Safe oil tank" at (currently only in German).