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The optimal all-rounders

The optimal all-rounder for space saving and safe transport of goods. The Euronorm stacking box; a classic among stacking containers is a practical all-rounder for storage and transport of products from a wide range of industries.

This product series has been produced at WERIT using injection moulding for over 40 years and has been continuously expanded and optimised through various sizes, additives or design adaptations. The Euronorm stacking crates are among the most versatile containers within the WERIT product range.  

The all-rounder from WERIT boasts:

  • Optimal for storage and transport 
  • Suitable for manual handling and automatic conveyor technology
  • Very stable due to reinforced frame and construction 
  • Easy to clean due to smooth surfaces 
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis 
  • Cold and heat resistant

The standard version of the Euronorm stacking box is made using virgin HDPE. However, the design of the container as well as the injection moulding tool allow for other raw materials such as:

  • PP, virgin material 
  • PP, Translucent 
  • PP, electrically conductive with a surface resistance 10⁴-10⁶ Ohm/cm for the protection of electronic components
  • Reclaimed material

Additionally, the WERIT Euronorm stacking boxes are available in numerous sizes. Within the sizes, further variants can be offered by alternating base, side and handle options. The various lid options such as snap-on, support or hinged lids complete the overall range. These options make the WERIT Euronorm stacking crates a versatile and universal plastic container that can be adapted to many requirements.

Furthermore, the dimensions of the WERIT Euronorm stacking box are adapted to the dimensions of Euro pallets (1200 x 800 mm) and industrial pallets (1200 x 1000 mm) so that these load carriers compliment the range and perfectly round off the entire supply chain management.
Label holders are available for labelling. To label a container WERIT offers the application of barcode labels. In addition, names, numbering, customer logos or notes can be applied by hot stamping and the WERIT Euronorm stacking boxes can be customised for the customer.

You need Euronorm stacking boxes in a special colour or in your company colour? No problem, many Euronorm stacking boxes are available in the standard colours matt white, grey, red or blue. If your colour is not included, the containers can also be produced in your desired colour. You can find a small selection of colours under the following link “specific solutions".