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The plastic pallet of the food industry

The GS1 certified EURO H1 hygiene pallet is the leading hygiene pallet and sets the standard for the European food industry. The EURO H1 pallet made of plastic is considered the leading pallet for all hygiene-sensitive applications in areas such as food, chemicals or pharmaceuticals. With the certification by GS1 Germany, the reusable load carrier is exchangeable throughout Europe. In addition to the GS1 mark, the pallets also have the DIN-plus certificate and the GS mark for tested safety. Further product features are the high load capacity, the long service life and the special dimensional stability.

WERIT has been a certified manufacturer of the EURO H1 hygiene pallet for over 20 years. The production lines for EURO H1 hygienic pallets integrate injection moulding machines, welding machines and a milling machine as well as quality control systems. Using autonomous production cells and state-of-the-art process technology, pallets of the highest dimensional accuracy and dimensional stability with minimal weight tolerances are produced. The central production plant in Buchholz (Westerwald) is located near the A3 motorway between the economic areas of the Rhineland and Rhine-Main. From there, the most important sales markets in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands can now be supplied even faster.

Convincing advantages:

safe - quality assurance
The strict approval and guarding procedure ensures the consistently high quality of the EURO H1 hygiene pallet in the open pool. EURO H1 hygienic pallets meet the highest quality requirements and are therefore exchangeable everywhere.

unmistakable - simple assignment
Thanks to the GS1 Germany logo, the EURO H1 hygienic pallets can be recognized at first glance even at the goods receiving area. Via the GS1 approval number each pallet can be traced back to the manufacturer and the corresponding pallet tool - an effective protection against plagiarism.

economical - Supply-Chain
All parties involved in the supply chain benefit from the quality assurance system, from upstream suppliers to producers and retailers.

"The plant at the Buchholz site, which has been in operation since 2018, provides our customers with more supply security and an improved ecological balance sheet," comments Christian Seidel, Market Manager for reusable transport packaging and plastic pallets at WERIT Kunststoffwerke.