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Industrial Packaging
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Best packaging for transport and storage

Quality optimally packaged - WERIT follows this credo with its solutions for high-quality industrial packaging. The transport of a wide variety of goods places different demands on suitable packaging. We are familiar with the special features of the industries and know about the extensive safety guidelines depending on the filling medium. Reusable transport packaging, hygienic pallets or IBCs are ideal industrial packaging and contribute to smooth logistical processes within the most diverse industries. These practical helpers can transport even the smallest of packages to their destination quickly, easily and without damage. And heavy loads are made easy by strong plastic pallets. Even under intensive use and high loads, the HDPE load carriers remain dimensionally stable and splinter-free and offer a high degree of security for these logistical processes.

WERIT stack and nest container DSN-B being used in the intralogistic

Conveyor systems and container take over an important task in an intralogistic system. With the freely moving intelligent Open Shuttles from KNAPP, new dimensions are opened for the flexible design of storage processes.
Open Shuttles are driverless transport systems (AGV) and move completely freely and without guide lines over the available area.
In the following video , you can see the combination of WERIT stack and nest containers DSB-N with the Open Shuttles from KNAPP at a user in Denmark.

Needs-based concept for producers and system suppliers


Sensoplast Packmitteltechnik is a producer and system supplier for closures and dosing systems made from plastic, elastomers and pharmaceutical glass. In the course of ISO certification of the company, Sensoplast made a decision to redesign the production, logistics and warehouse processes at the location Oberhonnefeld. 

The needs-based concept supplied by WERIT Altenkirchen includes the stack and nest container „Twistbox“, the hygiene pallet EURO H1 as well as large containers. Together, this concept ensures for optimised and flexible processes in the in-house logistics of Sensoplast.

The Clean Box from Bio-Circle

The Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH is a company with main office in Gütersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia operating internationally. The two-man company founded in 1985 by graduate engineers Ulrich and Manfred Berens stands for more than 30 years of development, production and the sales of chemical and biotechnological products around surface technologies.

For the area of mobile part washing devices "CLEAN BOX ", Bio-Circle uses the WERIT DSB-N stack and nest containers. The different variants of the CLEAN BOX are suitable for the effective pre-cleaning of small but also large and heavy manageable parts. That renders this concept usable in many plant and production areas such as, in maintenance, mechanical or in industrial construction. The CLEAN BOXs are characterised in particular by their circulatory system, their simple handling and the use of low-temperature cleaning.

Increase efficiency by using of stack and nest containers

The raw materials must be transported within the production hall. Our customer AMIDORI wanted to design these intralogistic processes more efficient with a new transport packaging. "We looked for a container system suitable for food products that scores with particular functionality and saves space." The DSB-N series stack and nest containers fulfil the highest hygiene standards and they satisfy the requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC). The smooth inner walls of the plastic packagings are not only easy to clean, they also protect the filled goods. The empty stack and nest containers DSB-N can be nested in one-another. In this way, you can save a lot of space as the storage volumes of the nested containers are reduced by up to 65 percent. AMIDORI reduces costs for empty transports and storage. In a filled state, the containers can be stacked without the sensitive content being damaged. The boxes are exceptionally robust and dimensionally stable in a wide temperature range between -40 and +70 degrees Celsius so that they can therefore be used in deep-freezers by customers without any worries.

300 litre IBC - An ideal replacement for drums and canisters

The IBC COMPACTline developed by WERIT is the better alternative compared to the previously used steel drums and canisters for several reasons.

The oil mill Oberschwaben produces various edible oils for delivery to the processing industry. As transport packaging for the organic products, the food producer uses a range of commercially available containers from canisters to tank trucks. However, there was a need for optimisation in the packaging of certain speciality oils. In the past, the oil mill had to fill smaller quantities of these products into barrels and canisters, which caused high handling effort and costs.

A new development from WERIT Kunststoffwerke brought relief for the Upper Swabian oil mill: the IBC COMPACTline with UN and FDA approval closes a gap in the market with its capacity of only 300 l. With its compact dimensions of 800 mm x 600 mm x 996 mm, the packaging saves a lot of space in the warehouse and on the truck. Its solid construction and high stability also enable form-fit stowage. Thanks to an integrated nestable pallet, the IBC can be transported with lift trucks and forklifts and is stackable.  read more

Plastic pallets for the highest demands


For more than 20 years we have been using our know-how and experience in the development of plastic pallets in order to manufacture high-quality load carriers. They convince in particular with their universal usage and efficiency. The diverse range of products of half, Euro and industrial pallets offer solutions for many specific areas of application within the industry and retail.

For example, the H1 hygiene pallets, the version of the EURO H1 hygiene pallet without centre lock. Due to its properties, it is optimum for the transport and storage of sack goods or cardboard boxes. The welded skids guarantee a high hygiene standard and smooth running on the conveyor technology. Tapered runner edges on both sides on the skids also permit excellent handling using an industrial truck. With the IKP pallets in Euro or industry dimension, depending on the requirement, customised solutions such as steel profiles for higher carrying capacities, anti-slip plugs as well as outer edges with centre locking mechanism for load securing can be integrated.