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A sensible alternative to drums

WERIT launched the first COMPACTline IBCs on the market in summer 2017. Since then, the small IBC with a capacity of 300 litres has been steadily developed further and now stands on a robust plastic pallet specially developed for it, is UN certified, approved for foodstuffs and is gaining more and more market share.

Dr Küke GmbH from Wedemark in the Hanover region has been using the 300 litre IBC for two years. "For us, the IBC is a top alternative to drums," says Boris Hinz, Managing Director at Dr. Küke GmbH. 

The company Dr. Küke GmbH specialises in the production of chlorine dioxide solutions and stands for innovative developments in the field of sustainable water disinfection. Constantly breaking new ground has been part of the company's philosophy since it was founded. Dr. Küke GmbH distributes its 
DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide products throughout Europe and has subsidiaries in Sweden, France, Italy and Switzerland. 
Chlorine dioxide is subject to a limited shelf life. For this reason, it is extremely important to adapt the container sizes as precisely as possible to the needs of the customers. The 300-litre COMPACTline is compact and, compared to the drum, can be moved with standard pallet trucks and forklifts. Simple filling via the lid opening and removal via the resealable outlet valve make the COMPACTline a functional package that can also be excellently emptied of residues. In addition, the small IBC offers significant advantages in load securing during transport compared to drums and is approved for the transport of hazardous goods. 
"The 300L COMPACTline makes a sensible addition to our delivery portfolio. In addition to the advantages of this container, we also appreciate the reliability in the cooperation with our partners," Boris Hinz emphasises.

The COMPACTline IBC is also a reusable system and the containers can be reused. Via the PACKONE Ticket, the used IBCs can be collected free of charge by a regional reconditioner. The company also offers two loop systems, where either the same packaging is returned after cleaning and rebottling (Closed Loop) or new WERIT IBCs are delivered at reduced prices (Open Loop).