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BrauBeviale 2018

A highlight is the newly developed Intermediate Bulk Container COMPACTline – the first 300 litre IBC on the market as well as the GS1 certified EURO H1 hygiene pallet.

WERIT with new developments on-board

With the new 300-l-IBC COMPACTline, WERIT offers the ideal packing solution for sensitive filling media with short shelf life. Due to its compact dimensions, the reusable container also fits in confined production environments. The integrated nestable pallet, also available as PE version in the near future, makes the IBC stackable and permits transport using conventional pallet trucks and fork lifts. Two COMPACTlines positioned against each other correspond with the dimensions of one Euro pallet.  The solid design and the high stability permit a positive-lock stowage and does without additional load securing for reduced process costs in the entire supply chain. With the UN and FDA approvals, the small IBC COMPACTline is also suitable fo the transportation of food products as well as hazardous goods.

NUTRiline IBC with outstanding hygiene standard

Industry sectors such as food products, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics have particularly high hygiene requirements. The IBCs of the NUTRiline series are matched to these. The containers are equipped with an easy care plastic pallet compliant with food regulations as well as a stable metal cage with few weld spots for the reduction of deposits. The inner container comprises highly purified HDPE plastic according to FDA, GMP and HACCP standard. Seals on the valve and lid opening secure the IBC against manipulation. The hygiene-critical attachment parts such as valves and lids are manufactured by WERIT under clean room conditions. The new clean room corresponds with the most modern hygiene standards. The room air is filtered, room locks and permanent over pressure prevent the ingress of dust. Optimised material conveyor and storage systems prevent dust and dirt emissions. All employees wear protective clothing and maintain high hygiene standards. By means of comprehensive measures, it is ensured that also hygiene-critical small components, e.g. in the fittings, comply with the desired requirements. NUTRiline IBCs are available in the volume sizes 600, 800 and 1,000 litres.

Stack and nest containers as universal solution for many industries

WERIT has the largest selection of stack and nest containers for industry, trade and logistics throughout Europe. When empty, the packagings can be nested and save 65 percent volume. By a 180° rotation, full containers can be stacked on top of each other stably on the inner edge preventing damage to the filled goods. All stack and nest containers have smooth inner walls that are easy to clean and are suitable for automatic conveying systems.

Plastic pallets for the highest demands

The WERIT range of pallets comprises diverse half pallets, Euro pallets and industrial pallets made of plastic. The EURO H1 pallet is considered as the leading pallet for all hygiene sensitive applications in the sectors such as food products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. With the certification by GS1 Germany, the reusable load carrier is exchangeable throughout Europe. In addition to the GS1 marking, the pallets also have the DIN-plus certificate and the GS mark for tested safety. Other product features are the high load capacity, the long service life and the particular dimensional stability.

The WERIT Kunststoffwerke W. Schneider GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Altenkirchen (Germany) stand for innovative products since 1949 – primarily made of plastic. The company employs more than 600 employees at six production facilities and four sales locations throughout Europe. The business fields are divided into industrial packagings, domestic engineering and special products.