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WERIT celebrates its anniversary and jubilees

Everything began in 1949 with the acquirement of the first plastic Bakelit presses and the production of electric connecting clamps. Injection moulding tools and the production of plastic flushing cisterns followed, and a few years later, bottle crates. Then the construction of the to date largest extrusion blow moulding machine for plastic tanks with a filling volume of more than 5,000 litre, and at the end of the 1970´s, the production of the 1,000 litre container on a pallet.

This was the foundation stone for the WERIT range of product of today.

The European company with about 600 employees, six production facilities and five sales locations produces products for domestic engineering such as, oil tanks and flushing cisterns, industrial packagings such as pallet containers, plastic pallets and containers as well as many special products.

This year, WERIT celebrates its 70th company anniversary. Together with the jubilees that have already been working for the company for 25, 40 and 45 years, we reflect on many successful years and look forward to many in the future. The family run company operating throughout Europe is proud of its employees and the common history of the company. The high degree of expertise of the long-standing employees as well as a specific training and further education also safeguards the high level of specialist personnel in the future. WERIT still wants to implement resource-conserving product concepts and build up a strong brand. In doing so, the further development of existing products is clearly in focus. The founder Dr. Helmhold Schneider, the family – managing shareholders of the company at the same time – combine economic success with social responsibility. "The company is consistently in change", said the businessman.  "Being a family run company, we do not only think in quarters, but also in generations - also in the future."


WERIT is proud of its corporate culture. The shareholders congratulate the jubilarians to their 25th and 40th jubilee and warmly thank them for the years we have worked together.

25 years: Thorsten Becker, Simone Maitschke, Vitalij Wall, Angela Carullo-Schmidt, Jutta Eichelhardt and Jakob Feer

40 years: Werner Voigtländer, Heidrun Mueller-Steup, Volker Seifen, Karl-Michael Bauer, Volker Müller, Ute Kögler and Erik Weber

45 years: Ute Schmidt